Just a few services we can offer you:

Custom Automation

Automation is the way to get a perfect product every time.  Reducing the unknown and replacing with consistently running automation equipment can improve product quality but also reduce scrap, increase operator safety, and thus reduce long term costs.

Pick and Place

Tediously placing a product in the same location over and over can be mind numbing even for the most seasoned operator, let our machines do the work for you!  Using multiple axises we can confidently pick up your product and place it into your container.


We are proud to announce that we are official Certified System Integrators for Universal Robots. We can now fully inegrate a Universal Robots cobot into your application. Visit for more information.

We can also integrate FANUC robots into your system or modify your current FANUC robot cell.

Aluminum Extrusions

We can provide t-slot aluminum extrusions, hardware, and accessories for any automation project. With thousands of pounds of aluminum extrusions in stock they can be cut and shipped out very quickly. We can also provide custom engineering of extrusions along with assembly. We can also provide custom aluminum extrusions to fit your needs.

Control Cabinets

Cabinets can be very complex, what we offer is anything from the simple machining of the cabinet, including the back plane, all the way to installing the controls, VFDs, relays, or whatever needs to go into your cabinet so that all you do is wire it on site.

Vision Systems

Vision inspection systems are very important when you need to pick a good product from a bad product and do not want to rely on a human eye to judge.  We are able to inspect a single piece at a time or in a constant flow arrangement.

Packaging Equipment

Packaging might be the last thing on your mind when you are trying to make a quality product, but if your product is not packaged correctly it can easily be damaged in shipping and thus completely waste the quality process you put into place.  We are able to package your product in a way that will reduce the amount of damage in shipping.

Assembly Machines

Not everything that needs to be assembled needs to be done with an expensive robot, we can create a machine that is able to assemble your product whether you need it to be fully automatic, semi-automatic, or completely manual.

Engineering Services

By using SolidWorks Ever-Fresh Design Co. Engineers are able design a products that without a doubt can be built in a real life situation.